Payar Carpet Company

          The manufacturer of the 1050 reed machine carpet with the density of 3000 and 700 reeds, 10 color, density of 2550

 درباره فرش پایار گالری فرش پایارمحصولات فرش پایار
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please see some brief explanation about thehonors and experience of the company directors.

enjoy watching the interior designs with the best and most beautiful hand -woven like Payar carpets.find the products of the machine carpet in this section.

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The website of Payar Carpet Company is designed to provide insights about the models woven by this company and to introduce its production units including spinning, weaving introductions, weaving arrangement, weaving as well as to make it easy for the respected users to buy the carpets of this factory. It is hoped to take a step to provide our best services by providing this website. It is necessary to mention that one can make a contact with us by to provide the CDs of Payar Carpet Factory.

طرح باغ بهشت 700 شانهطرح گلستان فرش پایارگالری تابلو فرش پایار
The 700 reed design of Garden of ParadiseThe 1050 reed design of RosaryCarpet panel